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Datum - 21.05.16
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girugamesh are surely one of the finest and most successful Japanese Rock- and Metal- bands of all time. Or as they said themselves when asked about their latest album “chimera”:

We are called a “peculiar band” that can play with metal, loud rock or punk music and this is just like the body of chimera. It’s not a lion, goat or snake but a chimera. Also our music can’t be categorized musically but we established the genre of “girugamesh”.

In 2015 the band celebrated it’s 10th anniversary and they found the best way to do that: A five-month long anniversary tour in 2014/15, which also brought them to Europe for 13 mostly sold out concerts.

Last year was a rather hard one for the European girugamesh fans. Due to the band’s busy schedule it became a year without a release or tour in Europe. The fans surely are longing to see girugamesh again and enjoy new music – they’ll get both in 2016!

girugamesh will rock Europe again with their girugamesh TOUR 2016 “-chimera-” in EUROPE! Three weeks, seven countries, eleven cities. If you love Japanese Rock and Metal, May is going to be the hottest month of the year for you!

As already mentioned “chimera” is also the title of the band’s latest album, which will be an essential part of the tour. It hit the European stores early in 2016. The European CD special edition includes 6 new songs, all songs from girugamesh’s EP “gravitation” and the live DVD “2015/3/14 Live at Studio Coast”.

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