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Hailing from Andorra, Persefone has put a spot in the European map where to find top-notch progressive death metal.

The band was formed back on 2001 releasing their first album, “Truth Inside the Shades” on 2004 through french label Adipocere Records in Europe, CD-Maximum in Russia and Baltic countries and Soundholic in Japan. It took a very good impression from reviewers around the world, an nominated as “Coup de coeur” on famous Metallian magazine in France.

Getting the band ready with the addition of Aleix Dorca in the band as drummer and producer, the band released “Core” on 2007. An album with three songs, twenty minute each, telling the story of the goddess Persephone as a tribute to that story. First european shows were played (Dong Open Air on 2008). The album was released in Europe by Burning Star records and again in Japan with Soundholic.

After Aleix Dorca leaving the band, Marc Mas jumped in, and Persefone started the composition of their third album “Shin-ken”. Japanese philosophy and samurai way of living and stories were told in this album. Mixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, Manticora…). The album got the attention of media with its oriental mood.

The band was able to get in their first tour in Europe, supporting world renowned Florida death metal band Obituary, Persefone did 18 shows all around Europe in 2010, including some other shows like Metal Fest in Hungary. After that, the forth album was being prepared an Persefone was able to play another tour in Europe, this time with Norwegians Leprous as headliners. 24 shows all around east and west Europe, only to jump during the next year spring to China, where Persefone played 4 shows as headliners in Beijing, ShangHai, GuangZhou and HongKong.

On February 2013, Spiritual Migration, forth album, was released and the album was highly acclaimed by media and fans. Lots of reviews stating the huge album and the great sound, taken care by Jacob Hansen. Travis Smith worked the album art, making this album the best bet Persefone has done on their 14 year existence.

During summer of 2014, Persefone finally got to Japan, where they played in Fukuoka, Osaka and two shows in Tokyo as headliners. The band came back to Beijing and ShangHai to play Strawberry Festival.

After this tour, Marc Mas decided to leave the band and Sergi “Bobby” Verdeguer took the gig.

Persefone is improving their live performance and show as they are preparing two important shows in some of the most important progressive metal festivals around the world: ProgPower USA and Euroblast in Germany during 2015.


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