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Datum - 07.04.17
Uhrzeit - 21:00

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Cyber punchy electro with a strong 80s feeling,James Kent AKA Perturbator is the spearhead of the new synthwave revival (along with Danger, Lazerhawk, Kavinsky, D a n T e r m i n u s, . . . ) . RecentlyPerturbator’s music makes an appearance in the hollywood movie “THE GUEST”, in the TV SHOW “Limitless”, and in the 2 awarded video games “HOTLINE MIAMI 1 & 2”. His last album “Dangerous days” was released in August 2014 on Blood Music. His new album « The Uncanny Valley » is on the way, and will be released on the 6th May 2016. For now, he will set on fire all the stages across Europe, Russia and Canada.


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