EXILIA – live am 12.10. in der Garage Deluxe München

Over the last years EXILIA did tours with great bands as : Rammstein, Ill Nino, Pink, Him, Guano Apes, HBlockx, In EXTREMO, Megaherz etc. As probably you know, singles as “Stop Playing God”, “Kill me”, “Your Rain”, “Coincidence” hit the european charts.

Their first single from the new album “Over The Edge” is already taken as soundtrack of the european wrestling competition EWP and it features Stephan Gudze from HBLOCK. Their new single “Satellite” is mixed by Dave Pensado (Aguilera, Jackson , alient aint Farm) and describes the uselessness of bombs, warfare deforestation and compares how thousands can die from starvation and poverty when billions are spent creating bomb and oil plant. On January 2013 Reebok company chose “Unconventional” (Decode) as soundtrack of their Crossfit winter event 2013.

Samstag 12.10.2013 – 20:00 Uhr – Garage Deluxe

quelle: Garage Deluxe