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Datum - 10.12.17
Uhrzeit - 20:00

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Dear all,

Some bad and some good news, folks:
Starting with the bad news first: It comes with grief and sadness that our singer Dianne cannot perform with us for the time being.
Sometimes these things are beyond your own power and there is a life offside the stages of the world which requires appropriate attention, so please bear with us.

This unfortunately also means that we have to cancel the upcoming Russia shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as the following US tour in the end of September and October.
We are already working on new dates for these stretches, yet can’t determine an exact time window by now already.
Please stay alerted for ticket-return info in here and where you purchased your tickets.

As for short term solutions: Our dear friend Aeva Maurelle of our buddies from symphonic metal band Aeverium will step in to rock with us the European dates in November and December. Please welcome Aeva with a warm applause. We will make these shows nights to remember for you all! Can’t wait to see you out there!


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