Wild Beasts – Neues Video zu “Alpha Female”

Aus ihrem aktuellen Album “Boy King” präsentieren Wild Beasts jetzt ihre neue Single “Alpha Female” und veröffentlichen ein herausragendes Video dazu. Es wurde von Sasha Rainbow in Bangalore, Indien, gedreht und taucht in die Welt von Atita Verghese und den Film “Girl Skate India” ein, für den der Song ein perfekter Soundtrack wäre. Verghese hat die Skate-Crew “Girl Skate India” gegründet und mit 12 Skateboarderinnen aus verschiedenen Ländern eine Tour durch Indien gemacht, während der sie Mädchen das Skateboarden beigebracht haben.


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Wild Beasts Sänger Hayden Thorpe erklärt, worum es im neuen Song geht: „Alpha Female is a tale of pushing off the earth to gather momentum, of leaning into resistance and meeting it with bravery and composure. Don’t we all seek the exhilaration of showing ourselves to the world? And when we do show ourselves isn’t it obvious how much we are made of an exquisite clutter of strengths and fragilities undefinable by gender?“

Und Videoregisseurin Sasha Rainbow sagt über das Video: „When I first heard the Wild Beasts song ‘Alpha Female’, I had the epiphany to film the growing female skateboard scene outside the Western world. In places like Afghanistan, Cambodia and India, skating has not been solidified as a male sport and therefore has had a massive cultural impact, teaching values about self empowerment through skateboarding. I thought India, with its colours and cinematic landscapes, was the place to do it.
Because of the current political climate in the West and attitudes of intolerance, and sexism across the world, I wanted to create a video that celebrates everyone who takes the risk to be themselves. The Holystoked Skate Crew and the girls that I worked with are an inspiration that cuts through age, gender and class barriers. I wanted to commemorate this incredible moment in India and show how massive cultural change can start with just one person.“

Foto: Tom Andrew